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On this page are a selection of zines I have created whilst studying at the Manchester school of art, print based mediums are always my favoured way of presenting work, making the best of the bound medium allows me to experiment with layouts, sequencing and physical effects.

The Forest my mum walks through is falling down.


This zine was a quick experiment photographing the changing landscape of Gwydir Forest, in Llanrwst this, this forest is going through a transitional phase, where it seeing hit by server storms, causing trees to fall down, and mass deforestation, with the falling of the trees being much more organised and clinical.

Spinning around downstairs and I want to join you.

The room start to fade and there is only you.


This zine was in collaboration with artist Lily Parr, who wrote the title, the zine focuses on actions within humans, and less about their features. The black and white images printed on Lorenzo Valeur paper creates a warm aesthetic that brings joy, much like the social event these images were taken at.

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