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Joseph William Flynn is an artist from North Wales currently based in Manchester, through using still life photography the captures the youth culture he witnesses on the daily, combined with his contemporary editing techniques, the work exists as a collection of moments often presented in a stylized fashion. He achieves this by this by taking analogue and digital practises and combining the two, creating interesting textures and colours. Favouring the tangible over the digital, Flynn’s work is often presented through zines, using the medium is interesting ways to add further depth to his work, paying close attention to layout and narratives, his future work is rooted within the bindery.

Past exhibtions.

Subjects of Our Affection, May 2022

The Horsfall, Ancoats

6x9, December 2022

Manchester Craft & Design centre


The Café Blah open call, December 2022

Cafe Blah, Withington, Manchester 

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